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Application for: *
Is this Application in response to a Request for Maintenance or Notice of Violation letter?

Please make sure you have attached/included all of the following information:

  • A completed Application and all required accompanying documentation, including a signed Owner Acknowledgement;
  • A description of the project, including, but not limited to, height, width and depth, materials, colors, etc.;
  • A complete Materials List of the project, including paint samples and/or stain colors:
  • A picture or drawing of the intended/existing project (sketches, brochures, and other information, i.e. web links;
  • A site plan showing the location of the house along with other structures on your lot and the proposed structure, including dimensions from the property line or other structures); and
  • Any additional information relevant to the project.


  • That no Work on this project shall commence until I have received approval of the Architectural Committee;
  • If I have commenced or completed any construction or alteration to the property, I may be required to return the property to its original condition at MY OWN EXPENSE. If I refuse to do so and the Association incurs any legal fees related to my project and/or Application, I will reimburse Little Whale Cove Homeowners Association for all such legal expenses incurred;
  • Final AC approval is contingent upon construction or alterations being completed in a neat and orderly manner;
  • Governing Documents, Architectural Rules/Design Guidelines, Architectural Application establish the Architectural requirements for LWCHA.
  • All proposed improvements to the property must comply with city, county, state and local codes. I understand that Applications for all required City/County building permits are my responsibility;
  • That any changes from the original Application must be resubmitted for approval;
  • This project will not detrimentally affect the proper drainage of any Common Area or surrounding parcel or lots. I will be responsible AT MY EXPENSE to correct any drainage problem to such areas that may occur as a result of this project;
  • The Owner acknowledges and agrees that the AC and the Association assume no liability resulting from the approval or disapproval of any plans submitted. The AC and the Association assume no liability and make no representations regarding the adequacy or quality of any submitted plans or whether such plans comply with any or all governing authority requirements. The AC review, comments and/or approvals do not relieve the Builder/Owner of their responsibility and obligation to comply with Governing Documents, Architectural Rules/Design Guidelines, or Community Rules & Regulations as applicable.

The Architectural Committee has thirty (30) days from the date a completed Application (including required signatures, plats, sketches, etc.) is received to approve or deny each Application. Failure to approve or deny the Application by the AC in the allotted time, in accordance with the Architectural Rules/ on the 31st day the Application is deemed Approved.

Any Application received after the monthly deadline may be deferred until the next scheduled AC meeting (6-8 weeks).

I certify that the above information is an accurate representation of the proposed improvements and that Work will conform to applicable codes, covenants, guidelines and standards. I also certify that the improvements will be completed in accordance with the approved Application. I understand that construction is not to begin until approval has been received from the Architectural Committee. The Architectural Committee and Association representatives have permission to enter the property to make inspections, as they deem necessary.