The Friends of Little Whale Cove (FLWC), of which all homeowners in Little Whale Cove (LWC) are members, is administered by the structure described herein as the Social Committee, previously an unincorporated ad hoc committee of LWC Homeowners Association (LWCHA). The organizing purpose of the entity is to promote and sustain the quality of living for the entire LWC Community through planned events that foster personal interactions among our residents. Initiating and deepening personal relationships among current and new residents enhances our physical and psychological wellness, enabling the collaborative nature of our self-management and our security, and influences both the fungible value and the social values of living in this community. Themes and food nurture our individual and collective culture, best enriched in the sharing.

Steering Committee
Kelli Caldron , President
Mike Ramos, Secretary
Chris Grayson, Treasurer
Carmen Clark, Coordinator at Large
Dawn Harden, Coordinator at Large